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Not gonna lie, this isn’t always pretty. Crises bring out all sorts of aspects in ourselves. We discover new strength and skills we didn’t know we had, and that is glorious. Celebrate those.

We also get an up-close-and-personal immersive tour of our worst coping mechanisms and favourite excuses. WHO EVEN IS THIS?! I CAN’T BELIEVE THEY…AGAIN?! Well, hello there. Isn’t this interesting? You are meeting a side of yourself you didn’t know existed or you didn’t really want at your table. Your secret housemate. …

Picture: Lior Locher

You might be yearning for change, or sensing something’s coming round the corner that you need to get ready for. You might not know what it is yet. Increasing your wiggle room is a good thing to do. You are likely going to need this, and there is always more fun to be had as well when you have more wiggle room.

What do I mean by wiggle room? This could mean a few different things.

Financial: It’s good to have what my friend calls, a “f***off fund”. A stash of immediately available money that can buy you a few…

a fabulosity (?) of unicorns… picture: Lior Locher

Are you having fun right now? When did you last have a laugh?

Things might be super grueling right now, and you might be working through a whole lot of mess. As you are doing what needs doing, allow for those little moments though, the laugh, the smirk, the silliness of that thing that just happened. It’s tugging at your sleeve. Allow it to snap you out of the drudgery for a moment. It makes life better.

(the pile of Unicorns was a shop window I walked past. It made me chuckle when I really needed it…)

And if you’re…

Photo: Lior Locher

For some of us, the last year has indeed felt a bit like an involuntary hibernation. Our plans: cancelled. Our ideas: for a world that didn’t exist anymore — or is temporarily suspended. Our confidence: sometimes knocked as we had to adjust to a different life.

For the lucky ones of us, 2020–21 is an inconvenience. For others life changed in big ways with destruction that won’t be reversible. Lots of grief that has nowhere to go, hasn’t found meaningful rituals or holding containers yet. And for some, life changed in some ways for the better and we can’t see…

Friendship (picture: Lior Locher)

A lot of people had and are having a very difficult time right now. Often, only few folks know what’s really going on. It’s difficult to open up and seek help when there is already so much mess. Good support makes a world of difference and can really lighten the load for someone. Experiencing care keeps us within the fold of the human family, and that is particularly helpful when things have gone wrong.

Sometimes, though, the opposite of “good” are “good intentions”. Your approach to help can have unintended consequences that make the situation more difficult for a person…

Weaving the threads… Photo: Lior (Christine) Locher

Some of you asked. Here are some of the ways I keep my writing going:

Keep arse in the chair, said many writers, Colum McCann here. As in, sit down and do the work. Actually do it. This might not involve a chair and ideally your brain would get to participate a bit in the process but you get the point.

As Austin Kleon said, don’t identify with the label. This is not about being a writer, this is about writing. You don’t need a mac or a notebook with handmade paper or a fancy coworking space with a beer…

Photo: Lior Locher

That’s how I heard the classical story structure described in a writing class. This is not just true for stories, this is also true for life in its twists and turns of creation and recreation and change. It is also true of the creative process itself. Colum McCann recommends “arse in the chair” as the main tool for writing and for “staring down the blank page”. Also applies to other artistic pursuits.

It’s nice when it all comes together n the end, isn’t it? We can see the skies open, hear the orchestral music piping up. For me, it’s very…

traditional fence (picture: Lior Locher)

Companies often have reporting requirements. People usually don’t, or not as much as we think we do. You don’t have to update everyone with everything that is emerging. You don’t. If you have a partner, you probably have a good grasp at what stage of thinking process and with what sort of topics they want to get looped into, and how (if not and you are sharing/building a life with someone, have these conversations!).

For most other people around you — it’s OK NOT to tell everyone everything immediately as you are figuring out what comes next, or as you…


Photo by Paul Clarke https://paulclarke.com/photography/

I want to leave this place better than I found it, and use the time I have to make a positive difference. This impulse has been with me as long as I can remember, along with insatiable curiosity. The travel itch got me to live in 6 countries on 4 continents with longer trips in China and in India. Home is the UK, at least for now.

My academic background includes Communication, Intercultural Communication and Psychology with further studies abroad in Ecuador and Japan. A post-grad in peace and conflict research, and a postgrad certificate in systems thinking and a…

Photo: Tim Mossholder via Unsplash.

On making shared meaning and some pointers for leadership

We have So. Much. To. Do. Most of us former office-dwellers are overscheduled, trying to fix things, at home and at work which is the same thing now somehow. We know how to do things. What we struggle with is how to be, here, now. With ourselves and with each other. Whatever “here” looks like. A lot of our play spaces or spaces for free-flowing interaction have gone, interactions are limited and there are rules. …

Christine Locher

Decision coach for professionals looking for more depth, facilitator, writer, art lover. https://christinelocher.me/ Book on values-based change out now.

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